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Kirk Spano on MarketWatch.comIn a world full of risk and uncertainty, finding an investment approach that truly protects your lifestyle and legacy is difficult. At Bluemound Asset Management we use extensive in house and outside expert research to build a margin of safety into every decision. Our approach helps us prevent large permanent losses, while allowing us opportunity for market beating returns over full cycles.

Bluemound is a different type of investment firm. We are a fee-only registered investment adviser that acts as a fiduciary looking out for your best interest. We have no investment products to sell that would cause us the same conflicts of interest that most of the sales driven financial industry has.

Our founder, Kirk Spano, has been widely published, syndicated and broadcast extensively in the national media. He is published regularly on of the Wall Street Journal Network where he shares his thoughts on economics and investing.

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Bluemound Asset Management…

is a fee-only Registered Investment Adviser located in Greater Milwaukee, Wisconsin, founded by nationally recognized investment adviser and financial columnist Kirk Spano.

Bluemound is a uniquely structured firm designed to offer high level institutional advice at the low-end of the cost scale to families and businesses interested in security and freedom. 

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Special Investor Report: The Bear Market Has Begun

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With stock prices high relative to earnings and GDP, in the short run, we can expect a bear market in stocks. There will be rallies to sell into and adjust asset allocation, as well as, some scary violent down days.

This bear market won’t be the lead into another financial crisis however. Recessions and bear markets are normal. We are just returning to normal, albeit a “new normal” of slower global growth.

What comes after this downturn — which is about half over judging by how much stock prices of many small and midsize companies have fallen already — will be a wonderful buying opportunity to participate in the coming “echo boom” in America. Just as Warren Buffett says not to bet against America, I am telling you that the United States is about to embark on another leg of global economic leadership. The time is already here to make a list of opportunistic investments to buy for that future.

Learn how demographics, global debt, central bank intervention and changing technology in almost every industry will impact your finances. Find out why I am holding extra cash today and find out where I plan to invest it when the price is right — which will be soon. Find out how to stay safe, have enough growth to beat inflation and enough income to enjoy life.

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