Tax advantaged incomeMost annuity products carry high expenses and low rates of return, regardless of the type of annuity. 

Bluemound Asset Management’s “Annuity Rescue” Service offers ways to improve virtually any annuity situation. Our solutions are geared to limit risk, reduce expenses, improve returns, reduce taxes and produce the income you need to lead an active retirement. Sometimes we will suggest that you replace an existing annuity, other times, we can simply show you how to use your annuity better.

One of our favorite methods to helping people is to use a product that has no surrender charges, exceptionally low fees, is 100% liquid and offers some of the best money managers in the world.

With recent record low interest rates and financial instability at many carriers, most annuities have cut their promises and are struggling to keep those they made in the past.

On top of struggles at many insurance companies, many agents simply fail to do what is in your best interest. Visit our insurance affiliate to read our article titled: The “Guaranteed Lifetime Income” Annuity Trap.

Contact us today to improve your retirement income situation.

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