Estate Planning

Estate Planning is not just for complex situations or the very wealthy.  Any person or couple with six figures of net worth ought to take a second look at how an estate plan can help you protect the legacy you have worked hard for in your life.

LegacyWe believe that an estate is not just the value of assets, but the value of your lifelong endeavors.  When planning, it is correct to preserve all of your rights, protect your wishes and establish a longer term legacy based upon your vision.  Whether it is a distribution plan that makes sense in the context of your family dynamics, a special needs trust for a dependent child, charitable giving or other important aspects of your life a well thought out approach is necessary.

While we do not draft legal documents, we act as a guide in helping you navigate the process of organizing your affairs in a way that gives you the satisfaction that you seek. We have access to many of the best professionals in the estate planning area and can make referrals for your consideration when appropriate.  We also work regularly with the trusted attorneys, accountants and trustees of our clients. 

People realize early on in working with us that not only can they protect their own financial freedom, but they can have a positive long term impact on the financial freedom of their family, as well as, support causes and charities that have become important to them. Kirk Spano can help you navigate the journey to long-term goals that are most important to you.  Estate planning is not a document, it is an extension of you. 

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