Investment Management

Kirk Spano combines his own deep fundamental research with that of several top national analysts that he has developed relationships with to create a universe of best in class investment options for his clients. He then uses a blend of quantitative and technical indicators to find optimal times to invest in Bluemound’s investment universe. This blended approach to investing gives us the ability to have multiple layers of safety reducing potential risks associated with volatile markets.

In the long run, we make money for three core reasons:

  1. We do everything possible not to expose ourselves to large permanent losses. 
  2. We are very cautious in the selection of companies and ETFs for our investment universe.
  3. We systematically attempt to buy low and sell high while managing risk.

We do not believe in what most investment representatives tell their clients, which is to “ride it out” or “stay the course” when the going gets tough. We prefer to find shelter when there is a storm. When the sun is on the horizon again is when we look to reinvest. Using this approach usually allows us to put a positive gap between our account performance and the market’s performance.

Giving up time on your life calendar to make up large losses is simply not acceptable, thus, we will trade from time to time, however, we are considered position traders, often holding assets for many years.

We use a “Three Bucket” approach to investing designed to provide liquidity, allow for retirement income, protect principal and generate long-term wealth. Each bucket has a specific purpose. The amount that goes in each bucket depends on each client’s personal circumstances, goals and desires.

  • Bucket 1 — Safety & Flexibility
  • Bucket 2 — Income
  • Bucket 3 — Growth

We have several investment strategies designed to fit multiple investors needs. More often than not, we prefer to hold generous amounts in Bucket 1 so that we can invest long-term in Buckets 2 and 3.

Contact us to put together a lifetime investment plan that will provide you with safety, growth, income and freedom.


There can be no assurance that any strategy will be successful in achieving its stated goals. All investments have a potential for loss  of principal. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.