Bluemound offers multiple investment programs designed to meet a variety of your needs and goals. We take into account your finances, experience, risk tolerance and time frame when helping you decide which strategy or strategies are appropriate for you. We manage assets in house, as well as, employ other great managers on your behalf as appropriate.

In today’s rapidly changing and complex world, Mr. Spano serves his client’s by filtering out the noise and focusing on the big picture. By utilizing research from some of the top institutional quality independent research services and relationships he has through his media exposure, Mr. Spano has been able to avoid the insular thinking found at so many other firms. This has led to a unique approach to managing risk and taking part in opportunity that strives to bring simplicity to a complex world. 

It is important that all investors who work with Bluemound understand our approach and methodology. We look at investing in a way that is similar to the most successful billionaire and institutional investors, not the way that the sales driven financial industry does. Mr. Spano uses both value and trend investing in order to be able to position assets in any environment. Our investment time horizon is not the quarter to quarter that too many people take. Rather, we look for multi-year opportunities we can hold and grow with. Click here to learn about our investment philosophy. 

Contact us today to discuss your investment portfolio and have a free “risk review” with Kirk Spano.


There can be no assurance that any strategy will be successful in achieving its stated goals. All investments have a potential for loss  of principal. Past performance is no guarantee of future results. 


All accounts are separately managed in the client’s name at independent, insured and audited 3rd party custodians.

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