Fundamental Leaders

Fundamental Leaders uses a rigorous screening process to limit our universe of potential investments to companies that demonstrate a combination of financial strength, market leadership and effective management.  We seek to buy stock at prices that offer a margin of safety utilizing classic “buy low, sell high” analysis. We seek opportunities for security price growth from companies which overcome our “red flag” analysis. 

This is primarily a large company stock strategy investing in what many people would call “blue chips.”  Many of the stocks included in the strategy pay dividends.  The portfolio may drift into mid-sized companies when appropriate to capture higher gains.

Fundamental Leaders will also utilize conservative option selling strategies in order to hedge risk and generate portfolio income.

Fundamental Leaders may be sub-advised by another leading adviser in certain situations when clients request a higher level of customization, broader portfolio and/or prefer a two heads are better than one approach.

This strategy is appropriate for investors seeking an equity strategy that offers the opportunity for higher growth without excessive risk. Because all equities are highly correlated as a group, this strategy will likely have wider swings in returns than our Tactical Asset Management Solutions. This strategy is suitable for moderately assertive investors with a minimum seven year time horizon.

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