An entire industry has developed around working with retirees and near-retirees. Unfortunately, public is offered too many high cost, low return and often dangerous investment ideas. I have built Bluemound with one thing in mind, “what would I do for my parents.” 

Have a long happy retirementRetirement Income Rethought

Most people have most of their investments held in tax-qualified retirement plans. These accounts are wonderful vehicles for holding a combination of assets that can generate a total investment return.

While assets are held in tax-deferred accounts, there is no taxation on dividends received or profits taken. It is when income is withdrawn that taxation occurs. While most people know this, the true impact is rarely understood.

Because people are going to have multi-decade retirements, their retirement accounts need to be built to last. That means that retirees must take a “total return” approach to investing. If they are too conservative, they won’t make enough and they will run out of money. If they take too much risk, they will lose and run out of money.

At Bluemound, we create portfolio strategies that allow for risk management and long-term participation in the upside of the markets. For most of our clients we use a tactical asset management approach which allows us to invest money where it is being treated well, but also allows us to take shelter from down markets. Because most people have tax-deferred accounts, we can make these occasional adjustments with only the client’s interest in mind and not have to worry about taxes.

Taxable Accounts

Some clients have assets which are not sheltered from taxation. For these clients we have several strategies that we use fairly regularly, as well as, the ability to tailor a plan specific to a situation. All investment plans are designed with risk management as the primary concern and reducing taxes as the secondary.

We have successfully helped real estate investors, business owners and professionals manage their finances in retirement in a way that efficiently handles taxes and meets their lifetime goals. Some of our core relationships are with CPAs and registered agents, which allows us to deal with almost any complex investment and tax framework.

Your Next Steps

Think about what you want your retirement to be like, and then, contact us to talk about how we can build a retirement income strategy that is right for you.

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