Risk Management and Insurance

Insurance is something that none of us like to think about because it conjures up images of death, destruction and financial mayhem.  But, at the foundation of any financial plan is risk management. 

Insuring you, your family or your business from the dangers that can destroy portfolios, dreams and freedom is paramount to living the way that you want.  It is therefore necessary to properly insure so that you can use the rest of our money as you see fit. Long Term Life Planning

Through an affiliate company, Wisquote.com Insurance Services, LLC, Kirk and his associates offer various risk management and insurance solutions. In those cases where you buy your insurance through Wisquote all consulting fees are waived by Bluemound Asset Management. 

Currently, there is little to no fee based insurance products on the market, therefore, it is necessary to accept commissions from companies, rather than fees from you, when we place insurance.

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